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peter mcmahon suggests: February 28, 2016 at 1:39 am hi, i have discovered what appears like MH370 and possess posted photographs all around the entire world, but no one cares or wishes to understand that i have found it and a large debris field all around it for miles, it's however crossed the 8th ark but on the alternative facet on the indian ocean, its on its again and you'll see that the proper flapper is lacking, I discovered it north east of la reunion island, about 800 to your a thousand mile absent, should you go to my facial area book web page I'm able to share my pics along with you or go to google earth day 27.three.2014 and zoom into the islands towards the northeast wherever you will see what appears like 50 % a volcanic island, now if you have the right day you'll be able to see a massive particles field for the northeast when you Visit the prime centre outer edge of the realm proven higher than this island you ought to be capable of begin to see the plane from the drinking water.

>>> In a few years the Chinese will “inexplicably” mass develop correct knockoffs from the Boeing 777, like they have each earlier Western airplane, given that the Soviets did just before them.

john s hattabaugh suggests: August 10, 2016 at nine:32 pm appropriate soon after it disappeared it showed up in campbellsburg indiana the sky was void of all clouds besides just one I used to be driving down freeway sixty in campbellsburg there was nobody behind me or in front of me so far as i could see a cloud extremely restricted and compact with lights bolts happening consistently inside of it protruding from the cloud was a tail and part of body of passenger jet it absolutely was blue with red trim i viewed it until eventually i obtained Sick and tired of it realizing they were trapped right up until the top of this earth the pilot flew suitable in check my source it since he did not would like to dive or consider tricky still left or correct and harm passengers he ought to have individuals could well be hurt but they'd be listed here pilots Watch out for this sort of things of Place and time we know practically nothing about

In almost any situation, with regard into the missing Malaysia Airlines plane, a dialogue of transponders is barely partly suitable in the first place. For air visitors Handle needs, transponders only work in regions of ATC radar protection. The moment past a certain length from your coast, the oceans are not

In certain means, the weirdness of this Tale speaks to how effectively We now have engineered absent what at the time were the most typical causes of crashes. Those that nonetheless arise are generally more mysterious and Bizarre than in many years past (Have got a consider the 12 months 1985 a while, for an notion of how frequent substantial-scale air disasters the moment were).

Which equipment you’re applying to speak depends in which you are and which air targeted visitors Command facility you’re dealing with.

Nevertheless, if one particular accepts the potential for pilot suicide (with — specifically — the intention of constructing the occasion an insoluble secret), then locking you in the flight deck, shutting down all proof-making products, telling the autopilot to fly you on the Southern Ocean, then knocking back a pleasant huge barbiturate-laced vodka or a few will make a Unwell sort of feeling.

THE STOLEN PASSPORTS Interpol says the Iranians with stolen passports were migrants hoping to generally be smuggled into Europe. There are actually thousands of folks jetting worldwide on solid or stolen paperwork, for a range of shady good reasons, but that doesn’t make them terrorist bombers.

The specialists concluded that, if this spot were for being searched, prospective regions for finding the plane wreckage, determined by the many Examination up to now, company website could be fatigued.

That is certainly the likeliest possibility, and I wish the Television set networks would stop and desist from offering have a peek at these guys even more credence to notions of the kidnapping conspiracy. You can find zero evidence to help this kind of declare, and analytically it is not sensible. Some buffoon was on Fox Information another night saying, “This has every one of the makings of a hostage scenario.” Basically, it has none

THE RADAR RUSE I’m talking about this article, by an aviation enthusiast named Keith Ledgerwood. His speculation is that the lacking Malaysia Airways jet had tucked up beneath a Singapore Airlines 777, resulting in The 2 planes’ radar signatures to seem as 1. So disguised, the Malaysia jet flew on, undetected for hours in advance of ultimately breaking off and landing at an airfield in…?

be found. I know that Seems absurd within an age wherever rapidly and simple responses are taken with no consideration, but it surely could quite effectively happen.

SO This is often what it comes down to. Earlier this week, the multi-nation team investigating the 2014 disappearance of Malaysia Airways flight 370 introduced the hunt for that lacking Boeing 777, which were concentrated while in the southeastern Indian Ocean, was eventually currently being known as off.

We know the transponder was turned off at 01:21 regional time. (By the way, I also do not recognize Mr. Smith’s comments in the following paragraphs towards the influence that turning the transponder off didn’t subject because the aircraft was around open drinking water–the airplane was inside radar choice of each Kuala Lumpur and Ho Chi Minh and was currently being tracked by radar in both equally locations until eventually the transponder was turned off. So it would definitely appear that turning the transponder off did subject.) Hypoxia would not convert the transponder off. Furthermore, we know through other details that the aircraft built at least 3 turns. Armed service radar implies that the airplane turned sharply, reversing system and traveling about the Malay Peninsula.

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